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Dawn of The Guardian

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Hoot Owl Books is an Independent Imprint

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Deep in the heart of Andalusia on the outskirts of the ancient towering walls of Arcos de la Frontera is a seemingly quiet town, which holds a chillingly malevolent secret. Once revealed it will challenge the very fabrics of what we consider reality to be. 

Born of the Dream, Fūko (short for Fukushima), a two-and-half-year-old Patterdale Terrier, holds the key to this mystery and upon him is thrust the responsibility of the Guardian, a role that plunges him into the thick of an adventure that spans the vastness of time and the dimensions of existence.

Will Fūko be able to navigate the treacherous path of becoming the fully fledged Guardian, all while protecting his adopted dog family and facing an energy so entangled in the Dream that it threatens to envelop and enslave all of humanity, the animal domain, and all of existence with it?

Told through rich allegory, Dawn of the Guardian offers readers a journey into the world of lucid dreaming through an adventurous, fun-filled, and often spine-chilling tale.

Hoot Owl's principles are founded on the belief that you can always achieve your dreams and that

In the face of adversity, persistence is key!

Hoot Owl Books:  An Imprint For Inspiring Young  Authors

Dawn of The Guardian

Trailer for Dawn of The Guardian

Book Launch at Readings Bookshop, Carlton - Melbourne, AUSTRALIA - 7 April, 2016

Praise for Dawn of The Guardian

" 'Dawn of the Guardian' is a wonderfully written story that operates on many, quite complex, levels - and it is a very impressive book to have been written by someone so youthful (and sweet!) - and shows great intelligence, wisdom, perception, and observation. It is an amazing accomplishment."

"Réka's talent is truly astounding. Her knack for balancing compelling characters with edge-of-your-seat suspense shows a level of skill that is well beyond her years. I’m in awe of Réka's wisdom and skill; she’s most definitely an old soul. This extraordinary author is at the very beginning of what is certain to be a shining future, and I can’t wait to watch her sparkle"

"DAWN OF THE GUARDIAN expresses a thoughtful sensitivity within a unique creative world, and the age of the author makes this work all the more impressive.."

"It’s impossible not to be impressed. The writing, particularly from a 14-year-old, is beautiful. The story is fresh and had my interest from the beginning and kept it throughout... Who could not love the characters?… It’s a fable and I think, as the author matures, this will mature along with her, to become a stunning literary work!"

Krystina Kellingley - John Hunt Publishing

Torre DeRoche - Author - 'Love With a Chance of Drowning'

Kingsley Dennis - Author - 'The Phoenix Generation'

Lisa Cheng - Senior Editor - Hay House, Inc.

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"Every seed has a different way of blooming. It simply depends on how it reaches out to the light!”

                       Réka Kaponay

We believe in a very different future to the past.

One where young people are taken seriously and treated as equals before having to prove themselves worthy to be heard!

We believe that the world is missing a key to its development because it denies youth the ability to have a full say.

At Hoot Owl Books, our long term goal for our imprint is to provide a forum for young inspiring talent to be able to come to the forefront of the publishing world and be read by all!

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