Réka Kaponay's Debut Novel

Published March 31, 2016

Deep in the heart of Andalusia on the outskirts of the ancient towering walls of Arcos de la Frontera is a seemingly quiet town, which holds a chillingly malevolent secret. Once revealed it will challenge the very fabrics of what we consider reality to be. 

Born of the Dream, Fūko (short for Fukushima), a two-and-half-year-old Patterdale Terrier, holds the key to this mystery and upon him is thrust the responsibility of the Guardian, a role that plunges him into the thick of an adventure that spans the vastness of time and the dimensions of existence.

Will Fūko be able to navigate the treacherous path of becoming the fully fledged Guardian, all while protecting his adopted dog family and facing an energy so entangled in the Dream that it threatens to envelop and enslave all of humanity, the animal domain, and all of existence with it?

Told through rich allegory, Dawn of the Guardian offers readers a journey into the world of lucid dreaming through an adventurous, fun-filled, and often spine-chilling tale.

Dawn of the Guardian

A supernatural dog tale... an adventure as big as space, as distorted as time, 

that will leave you asking the question,

"Am I awake, or in a dream within a dream?"

"DAWN OF THE GUARDIAN expresses a thoughtful sensitivity within a unique creative world, and the age of the author makes this work all the more impressive.."

Lisa Cheng - Senior Editor - HAY HOUSE, INC.

TITLE: Dawn of the Guardian

AUTHOR: Réka Kaponay

ISBN: 9780994537010 - Hoot Owl Books - AUSTRALIA 

ISBN: 978-1530553082 - CreateSpace - USA

ISBN: 978-0-9945370-5-8 (E-Book)

DATE PUBLISHED: 31 March, 2016

FORMAT: Paperback / E-Book    PAGES: 402

RRP: AUD $24.95 / US $18.95 / £15.00 / €17.00

Kingsley L Dennis

"A most wonderful story full of spirit & adventure...with a splash of gnostic elements...a thinking person's tale...a dash of fantasy, heroism, suspense...and love.... a startling achievement from a new voice in the world of storytelling - this author has a promising future! It is rare that a new - and young - voice emerges onto the scene which such compelling force. The story is both complex and yet competently handled with energy, pace, and great style. The author shows her love for characters as well as plot, and pulls the reader into her world(s) so that you feel immersed into the story - as a co-player and not just a reader. This book makes you think & feel at the same time - this is the way to go! "   


"Wow it is amazing ! I loved it. Reka is such an incredibly gifted story teller and writer. I am so impressed. That is a huge achievement at the age of 14. I had to keep reading it, so I read it in about 4 days. It is on a par with Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and Philip Pullman's His dark materials (Northern lights etc), and could so so see it as a film - a beautiful animation. What gorgeous dogs ! and rich unfolding story with so many ingenious twists and turns. It is very soulful and full of love and inspiration. It is also dramatic and enthralling and I can feel Reka's wisdom, wonderful imagination/ creativity and beautiful spirit in the writing. Highly recommended- pass it on to children and adults alike. "

"I can't get over how great this book was. Written by a young teenager, the story is remarkably compelling. I'll admit, I was skeptical at first -- I've never been one for animal protagonists. However, the characters were well-developed, given the length of the book... Overall, I highly recommend you pick this up. Not only are you supporting a wonderful young author, but you're discovering this little gem of a story."

Julianne Richard

Michaela O'Driscoll

About the Author

Réka Kaponay is a 16-year-old passionate writer and blogger, turning her dream of becoming a professional writer and published author into reality at the age of 14. At 12 years of age, Réka was inspired by a trip to Andalusia, Spain, to write her first full-length adventure-fantasy novel… Dawn of The Guardian, published on 31st of March 2016 and also published in Hungarian, titled Az Őrző Hajnala, on 1st September 2017 by Kolibri Publishing.

Réka began writing at a very early age creating short stories and entering local writing competitions. Her love for relating stories intensified when, in 2012, her family started out on a continuous world-traveling journey of learning and exploration. She has since traveled to 44 countries on six continents and now has a readership of over 15,000 people to her blog 

Dreamtime Traveler

Réka’s journey has been one of learning and listening to people’s stories, immersing herself in their mindset, viewpoint and understanding of the world. This is translated in her book, through the telling of the adventure-mystery tale of Fūko, the unlikely Patterdale Terrier, who has been chosen as ‘The Guardian’, all of which is told through entertaining rich allegory, intended to engage and inspire young people to get out there and realise their dreams. 

After the release of her book, Réka and her family are continuing their world journey of learning, as well as a global promotional tour of her book, while completing the sequel to Dawn of The Guardian!


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